Saturday, July 08, 2006


Please take a moment to send good happy healing thoughts to my past place of employment. Due to a State budget cut and my state giving our work to a different states company--- 1/3 of the company had to part ways 6/30/06. This is a picture of the support staff for SM dept of my company.

We had become a disfunctional little family. Yes, we weren't perfect but we tried. I miss you all.
That last day was horrible. Knowing for so long was a double edged sword. Yes, it gave me a chance to find a new job, but I still had to go to work knowing it was over. As a good little worker bee--- I just picked up the shattered pieces and did what I could.
I've started up as a teacher assistant for a local elementary school. So far so good. I think this could be alittle career change, but we'll wait to see. I go between the 3 third grade teachers. Very supportive school staff, teachers and principle. AND it still gives me time to do music.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

All you have to do it just...

Jump over the moon.
I love this picture.
Not much to say.
Just another day in paradise.
the leaves are budding
the birdes cheaping away

Sunday, February 26, 2006


i fought the law, and....

well, we'll find out april 13th in raleigh,nc.

yes, i got a ticket.
i went the wrong way down a one way street.
very scary
horns honking
lights flashing
the boys in blue
flashlights in my face
me freaking out
i came to an intersection where i had a stop sign.
i looked ahead
they had a stop sign
i looked right
no one
i looked left and saw a "stop sign"
---with vehicals way down the street
so my right of way, right?
i got there first?.!
so my friend kevin said turn into the lot
so it looked like turning left would be easiest
because the left part of this intersection was a one way

i messed up.
yes, i turned down the wrong way
the one way is clearily marked if you know the area---sort of
but i had never been there
it was dark
heavy traffic
i was conviced this was a 4-way stop
so i turned left into the wide right lane to turn into the parking lot on the corner

the cop was doing a DUI check because this was a bar district at 11pm
no i had just finished a concert so no drinking was involved
just misperception

funny thing the next day i went back to see what i did and see what the intersection was like in the broad daylight
well i almost got hit by a car
must be a very clear intersection
hmmm but i'm just a girl driver, right.

so now since i do not "know anybody" i have the choice of going all the way back to raleigh
to go to court
or hiring a lawyer

to me hiring a lawyer means your guilty but can afford to pay your way out.
-----------you know this doesn't make a do right girl feel good

oy, what's a girl to do in this crazy crazy world???
insurence sucks, what a racket
almost as bad as health can they sleep at night
it costs a bundle to have but if you use it you get charged more as a company...

and peace out

Saturday, February 11, 2006

dream machine

Dear Ford,

I am a Michigander who came from a Ford family who proudly drove an American car, but I'm sorry to say that you did not treat me well and my car was falling apart---it was not realible ---didn't really get good gas milage---the dealership was shady...with all that in mind I test drove a Honda. What a great car. Hello sexy sexy car. Hmmm CD player in the car finally. I felt it would be vindictive to send a post card with me in front of my sexy sexy Honda to Ford saying goodbye...So I Blogged it instead.

Goodbye Ford...
Hello Honda.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

side note

I have to say I love the picture he chose for the website but it does look like he's about to harpoon someone say maybe a viola player. HA HA HA does it ever get old to tease viola players. Their too cute.

Asheville Symphony

The new artistic director Daniel Meyer is a great thing for the Asheville Symphony. He's the kind of conductor that gives you the room to have creative freedom, but also he let's you know in a positive way what he wants. Such a treat to work with him!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bassoon-y news

As of January 1st I'll officially be the adjunct bassoon professor at Mars Hill University. I got to teach a bassoon method class today. Such a great feeling to see a students eyes get what your saying.


Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sloth and Glutton


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is a day without gift pressure/expectation and all that is expected of this fine holiday is to eat yourself silly and take a nap.

What a great day.
And a State holiday...
I got paid to do that.
Thank you.
And thank you M. and A. for having us over for the turkey day. BURP!

White Sangaria recipe:
Bottle of Chard.
Bottle of Sav Blanc.
1/4 cup sugar
liberal helping of your fav brandy or liquor.
2 orange, 2 lemon, 2 lime
....use the juice of one of the fruits and slice up the other for in the mix.
....when serving add some of your favorite tonic water
and enjoy